Closed Osupukiai Victory Academy

An aid project by J. lenkume in Nairobi, Kenya

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J. lenkume (Project Manager)

J. lenkume
This comunity-based project is ongoing with construction. In the begining of this year, we constructed an extra two classrooms funded by the well wishers and now we are done away with four classrooms, of which pupils are using them for their basic education. We currently have 100 children of aged 5-10 years and looking forward to accomodate more who are not getting their chances right now due to lack of infrustructure and facilities.
We are looking forward to the entire betterplace community to help us with their kind donation to make this upcoming children pave their way. This will benefit not only the children but also the entire maasai community who are still blindfolded with illeteracy.

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Location: Nairobi, Kenya

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