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Be part of the lighthouse projekt "BürgerGUTshaus" in MV

A project from Gemeindeverein Pölchow e.V.
in Pölchow, Germany

How do you develop a new village center through volunteer involvement, create "multi-functional" village centers for community, social life, creativity, work and local supply out of unused buildings? Support a lighthouse project for MV!

Gemeindeverein Pölchow e.V.
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About this project

The community association "Gemeindeverein Pölchow e.V." is committed to preserving the "BürgerGUTshaus" for the community in Mecklenburg_Western Pommerania.

The non-profit organisation offers youth and senior citizen work in the manor house, the so called "BürgerGUTshaus", as well as the sports and other events, which have been a centerpiece of the community's social life for two decades.

For fiscal reasons, the sale of the community-owned manor house is threatened.

In order to preserve this treasure for the community and the community property, a special residents' meeting was held to gather ideas for future use. The community association also contributed its ideas. As a result, the community's building committee developed the "BürgerGUTshaus" concept, which was unanimously approved by the community council as the basis for further development. Since then, many families, citizens and especially the members of the community association have tackled and passionately participated in the project with donations, a lot of work and voluntary commitment. The highlight so far was the action "We for us" carried out in October this year 2020, in which parts of the first floor have already been renovated exclusively with the association's own funds and donations.

It does something to the people and the sense of community, that is clearly noticeable among those involved in the project. The community association and many community representatives are convinced that it can work with the concept for the preservation of the BürgerGUTshaus.

We hope that the project will develop into a "lighthouse project" for many similar village structures in MV Land. In MV alone, there are over 2000 manor houses and partly unused buildings that could be developed into "multiple" buildings of local supply and social village centers with similar concepts. They could also support space for the emerging trend of "living and working in the countryside", especially for freelancers and creative people, and create new synergies.

The ideas of the "BürgerGUTshaus" proket in Pölchow are already bubbling up, and the next one is already in the pipeline: The project would also like to apply as an outdoor location for the BUGA taking place in Rostock. The community is within cycling distance of Rostock and on the Berlin-Copenhagen European Cycle Route. It could provide an example of sustainable development that can be implemented with few resources to revitalize the village center through civic engagement and sustainable use by the village community.

The project has already been awarded in December 2020 as a winner in the action "GEMEINSAM FÜR MV" and due to its persuasiveness was confirmed by an independent jury the special eligibility of the project based on voluntary commitment. Anyone who would like to learn more about the "BürgerGUTshaus" project or get involved themselves can find more information at