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Champions without borders - Soccer Project with and for Refugees

Berlin, Germany

Champions ohne Grenzen - Offene Fussballprojekte für- und mit Geflüchteten in Berlin

Arne from CHoG - CHAMPIONS ohne GRENZEN e.V.
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Champions without borders - Soccer Project with and for Refugees

In our "Open Trainings" refugees play soccer regularly at different locations in Berlin, get to meet new friends and use our Social Counceling as part of our "NachSpielZeit" (PostGame). 
Together we organize excursions, friendly matches, festivities or the annual Kick Out Racism Cup. 
At the time we offer an adult team, one over15-Team, a all-female team and a girls team. During Covid Epicemic we offer Online-Fitness, informations and support via internet and in face-to-face counceling. 

In 2021 we want to start again full speed - on and besides the playing field. For that, we need financial support!

For that cause we started a fundraising campaign supported by OneFootball. 
Using the money we raise we will be able to pay our volunteer coaches and pedagogical staff instructors packages, get sportswear material, local transport tickets and board as well as pay entry fees. Because for our participants, our offers and services are free!

If necessary, we would use the money to continue with our Online-Activities - until we can all meet again on the pitch.