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Help for self-help by chickens - earning the school fee

Mbale, Uganda

Herewith, you help parents paying the school fee and learn responsibility. Also you support the main goal of Africa (k)now e.V. to stabilize and improve sustainable education in Uganda.

Jörg Behning from AFRICA(k)now e.V.
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Africa (k)now e.V. wants to empower the local community.
Therefore we offer teacher workshops. Because local business is missing, parents can´t pay the school fee . The trained teachers may leave the school. That´s why we start our chicken project:

One family will get 20 chickens including costs (e.g. food, medicin) till the chickens start laying eggs. After just 6 months, the eggs back the school fee´s and the project will run by itself. Due to the savings, the project will start again after this chickens finish laying eggs.

This project encourage local and sustainable economy as well as individual responsibility and self-sufficiency.
The project started at the beginning of this year. Milton, our partner in Namabasa, Uganda, attend this project and knows the best, which parents are the most vulnerable.
1 chicken, including food and medicin for the first 6 months and also important materials (feeders, drinkers), costs 10 Euros.