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KARUNI – Support the first digital currency for homeless people in Berlin!

A project from KARUNA Sozialgenossenschaft eG
in Berlin, Germany

Karuni - the Bitcoin for the homeless. Homeless people have often neither money nor a bank account. Wlady can still pay for his coffee contactlessly with his smartphone. Help us to make this possible for more people in the future!

Jörg Richert
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About this project

Wlady, has been living on the street for years: "When I was hungry, I always had to go to the soup kitchen. But there we are just among ourselves. With the Karuni, I go to Café PALA and pay with my mobile phone. It's very modern, like Google Pay. I can choose whatever I want, eat whatever I feel like. It's a nice feeling, being like everyone else."

At the beginning of the year, we launched our own digital, donation-based currency: the Karuni. One Karuni is equal to one euro. People suffering from homelessness or poverty can easily create their own personalised wallet at If they don't have a smartphone yet, we'll give them one. And we'll help them set it up and give them their first karuni. Let's go!

The more donations we receive, the more people we can send Karunis to. We start with 100 karunis per person per month. They can spend them in participating cafés in Berlin. In the future, more shops and businesses will be added: from pharmacies to drugstores to neighbourhood hairdressers. As soon as the weather gets colder, we can also offer overnight stays including private bathroom and breakfast in our partner hotel. And all that for only 30 euros a night. Join in! 

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