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Closed Give poor women access to microfinance

support for poor women in Obunga slum

A. Mayodi
A. Mayodi wrote on 31-03-2012

Rafode in its project of access to finance to the poor has been working with10 poor women from Obunga slum, 3 of them are widows, 7 single parents. Before joining the project they were very poor living in houses made of  plastic bags, Rafode recruited them in the program in June 2011.


Today the women are running their own business, they have moved into good affordable rental house, they hare able to provide food to their children, have taken their children to school, they are also participating in  a savings program and are servicing their 2nd loans.


There are still more thousands of the poor women in Kisumu who need help to come out of poverty, your contribution will change their lives.

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