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Alphabetization in Burkina Faso

A project from Lernen dürfen e. V.
in Burkina Faso

20 villages in south-east Burkina Faso can’t wait to start with an alphabetization class that is supposed to begin in the new year. Costs for a whole year of alphabetization are at 18 € per student – that is 532 € per village.

Paula Kaiser
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For adults in eastern Burkina Faso there was no school when they were kids themselves. This lack of education they don’t want to accept as their sealed fate, they want to at least attend a two-year alphabetization program. But they cannot afford the necessary funding for it. 
These are mainly young adults (80 % women). Despite their day-to-day lives packed with kids, family, work and household chores they wish to pursue the development of their personal skills. They seek empowerment by learning how to read, write and achieve basic arithmetic. They get up earlier, get to bed later or accept a long way to school in order to make their dream come true. 
Not just the young adults among us – also having full days of family and work but still also dreaming of continuing to further develop personal or professional skills – may possibly imagine what strong will it needs to attend alphabetization classes under these circumstances.
Around 1000 students registered for the first year of alphabetization this autumn. Costs for a year of alphabetization for one student amount to just 18 €.
It is our goal, to enable all registered future students to start with classes in January 2021. Therefore, we need 11 000 € until end of December 2020 – 20 villages want to have a class, each with 30 students, one students requires a funding of 18 €.

As soon as we have the first 532 €, we can send a confirmation for a first class to Burkina Faso!
Together, let us try to get the funding for as many students as possible – every 18 € allows one alphabetization dream to come true !