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Malizia Mangrove Park by Boris Herrmann - Mangroves against climate change

A project from Mama Earth Foundation
in Mati, Philippines

The Malizia Mangrove Park is a reforestation project in the Philippines initiated by the well-known German sailing sportsman Boris Herrmann to combat climate change. Please help us to achieve 1 million mangrove seedlings by end of January 2021.

Malizia Mangrove Park
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Our project "Malizia Mangrove Park" is a reforestation project for mangroves in the Philippines and was initiated by the well-known German sailing sportsman Boris Herrmann and his team Malizia together with the Mama Earth Foundation in the Philippines. Our motto against climate change is: "A race that we must win!

Boris is currently sailing with his boat Seaexplorer on the Vendèe Globe, the toughest one-handed sailing regatta around the world. Until the finish line at the end of January 2021, we are collecting donations for 1 million mangroves in the Philippines - an important contribution to curing climate change. Boris Herrmann's commitment to marine research and environmental protection is once again visible in this latest campaign. 

Why Mangroves? Mangroves are "secret weapons" against climate change. They permanently bind a lot of CO2 and are as successful as the tropical rainforests. They also form an important habitat for marine and coastal life and protect both the coasts, e.g. from tsunamis, and the reefs of the coast from destruction through silting.

Our project is also a livelihood programme for the indigenous people of Mati in the Philippines. We work closely with the Mati Women's Association and the Maritime Research Centre of the Oriental State University in Davao. 

Therefore, please help to achieve our goal and donate.