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Establishment of our own glassblowing workshop

A project from BUCHSTABENMUSEUM e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We want to make the dream of our own neon workshop come true and need your help! Once it is set up, you can be part of the neon production and workshops are also planned.

Catherine-D. A.
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About this project

In July this year we "inherited" the equipment and materials of a neon glass blowing workshop from the advertising technology company Nordlicht (at FFM).
With joy and excitement we now want to tackle this great project and rebuild the neon workshop in our museum.
Our goal is to repair our broken neon tubes ourselves and to give our visitors an understanding of the dying out craft.
For the implementation, however, it needs skilled personnel and our premises must be adapted to the system.
Therefore we need your help! 
With your donations we want to make the dream of an own neon workshop come true!