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A Light for Street Children

Kitui, Kenya

Giving street children in Kenya a light and a real perspective with the help of a solar system!

Jonas Overkott from FABL - For A Better Life e.V.
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Situation of street children in Kenya
Child poverty is one of the major problems in Kenya. 41.5 percent of children in Kenya live below the national poverty line (UNICEF, 2018). As a consequence, it is estimated that up to 250,000 children live on the streets.

The social institution St. John Eudes tries to get children off the streets and offer them a perspective through education. For this purpose, the children have to leave the endangering urban environment in order to get used to structures and a regular daily routine again. The facility is therefore located outside the city of Kitui, but is thus cut off from a central power supply.

The lack of an adequate power source means that the children's day ends in darkness as early as 7 pm all year round. The frustrating everyday life without electricity causes some young people to leave the facility early, so that they fall back into old structures in Kitui. 

How can you help?
With your donation you support the purchase and installation of a suitable solar system. This will open up the important learning opportunities for the children, giving them a real perspective. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Nairobi-based company Geo Solar. Thanks to strong voluntary commitment, 100% of the collected donations can be used for the system and the installation costs themselves. 

Thank you very much for your support!