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Expansion of the elementary school

Moyamba, Sierra Leone

The conditions for our Primary School in the current corona situation are difficult because the classrooms are too small to keep a distance. To improve the teaching conditions, 3 additional classrooms are to be built.

Markus L. from KurtBauerFoundation e.V.
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We don't have to talk about how important it is to attend school. As in Germany and many other countries, the schools in Sierra Leone were already closed for several weeks this year in addition to the vacations. Unfortunately the children in Sierra Leone already know this. Because during the Ebola epidemic 2014 / 2015 there were no classes for several months. The children have lost at least one school year as a result. In some cases degrees were no longer recognized, so that the effects are still noticeable today. And this year, the next lockdown for the children came because of the Corona epidemic.

Homeschooling is out of the question in a country like Sierra Leone. That is why everyone is happy that classes could start again. However, the conditions in the Primary School, which belongs to the Mustard Seed Foundation, are also difficult, especially for the current corona situation: the classrooms are small. The children sit closely together. Keeping a distance during the lessons is not possible. The risk of infection is high.

To improve the teaching conditions, we have decided to support the expansion of the classrooms. With the reconstruction an existing building will be raised. There will be 3 additional classrooms.