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About this project

For a fair and sustainably digitalised world: with your donation you help us to digitally empower other charitable projects worldwide!

At MediaMundo we dream of a world in which everyone is involved in communities that do not stop at national borders. In that world, social, economic, ecological or political challenges are tackled together by digitally emancipated and self-determined people. We would like to see platforms where people from various backgrounds come together globally to take local action against injustice and imbalances. We work for our vision: "One World. Digitally Empowered!"

Guatemala: In the small, indigenous mountain village of Chocruz, two nurses, Amelia and Paty, are working intensely. Despite the remoteness of the village, the coronavirus does not stop here and the hospital is partially cut off from the supply. How can we provide sustainable support in a postcolonial way from Germany?

By empowering local people through educational workshops and digital counselling to use digital technologies in a self-determined and successful way - for their own and the common good!

Before the pandemic our chairwoman Anna was in Chocruz for a few months to expand the cooperation with MediaMundo. She is proud of building up a network of supporters: "I am particularly happy that after an introduction to the concept of crowdfunding, their first own campaign was published. This should enable the local organisation Kayib'al to create its own website and maintain it. In the long term, this will enable the clinic to collect donations and sustain itself online."

Germany: What is possible when teenagers and young adults from all over Germany come together digitally and exchange ideas at the Youth Conference (youcoN) about “We live and/or love the future”?

Our education lecturers Annika and Nele immediately saw the opportunity. That's why they developed the workshop “Meaningful Influencers” and discussed the topics of political activism and climate protection in times of digitalisation. 

Everyone knows that digital media can be used in a meaningful way to make NGOs be more heard and visible. Nevertheless, social projects often still lack the necessary knowledge in the field of public relations. That is why we at MediaMundo use the diverse skills of our media professionals to make these available to other non-profits. Digital sustainability is also important to us in terms of resources such as time, money, data, energy and expertise. We work: digitally. sustainably. diversely.