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Adventure camps for children and young people with and without disabilities

A project from Allg. Behindertenverband Land Brandenburg e.V.
in Joachimsthal, Germany

With your donation for our annual project "Adventure Camps" you support the inclusion of disabled and non-disabled children and youth. Even small donations can mean BIG things for our participants!

Christin Streiter
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About this project

Every year, the Allgemeine Behindertenverband Land Brandenburg e.V. (ABB e.V.) organizes two inclusive adventure camps (2 weeks each) during the summer holidays at the "seezeit-resort" at the Werbellinsee near Joachimsthal in the Schorfheide. The preparation and organization is carried out on a long-term basis by the regional office of the ABB e.V. in cooperation with the volunteer care team, including the medical and nursing staff.


  • Approx. 230 children and adolescents with and without disabilities between 6 and 17 years of age
  • More than half to about two thirds of the participants have a physical, mental or sensory disability, about a quarter of the total participants have a recognized degree of care
  • Children and young people with disabilities can be cared for, regardless of the type and cause of their disability, but able to live in the community within the framework of the integrative vacation program
  • In accordance with the integration concept, disabled children can participate together with their non-disabled siblings and friends, while their parents can take a vacation themselves or regenerate from all the care and support burdens
  •  Participation in the integration holidays is independent of the association membership in the ABB e.V.; the leisure time offer is published at the beginning of the year in the national press and/or by association magazines, Internet and brochures.

  • The supervision and care is provided by an experienced team of about 90 volunteers of the ABB e.V.. The team includes pedagogues, social workers, doctors and medical and nursing staff. 
  • The supervision ratio is 1:7.5 for the basic supervision and 1:2.5 for the entire integration leisure time in addition to the additional supervision requirements due to disabilities;
  • The care of disabled children and adolescents, especially for those in foster care, requires the use of additional caregivers and a handicapped-accessible infrastructure. In view of the unfamiliar external environment and the integrative vacation design, a care ratio of 1:1 is required in relation to the participants in care levels
  •  This additional demand (additional caregivers and infrastructure) is used for all participants with disabilities according to their needs.

Cost items of the integration camps are:

  • Rental costs for accommodation and meals,
  •  Expenses for supervision and care,
  •  Costs for leisure activities and transportation,
  •  Costs for preparation, organization, insurance, etc.
  •  Costs for medical / hygienic equipment
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