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Together with EDUCATION Y for more educational justice

A project from EDUCATION Y
in Düsseldorf, Germany

Together against educational inequality! We need support to reach children and young people, parents, and educational professionals digitally and at low thresholds. In this way, we want to contribute to more educational justice.

Zorana Simic
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About this project

The Corona pandemic exacerbates the already existing educational inequality in Germany. Now more than ever, educational opportunities are dependent on social background and existing family resources, especially when daycare centers and schools remain closed and parents play a crucial role in structuring everyday learning.   
We advocate for more educational equality to actively empower children, youth, and families in the current situation:   
  • Pacemaker Initiative: As a digital education initiative, the Pacemaker Initiative is working nationwide - with a focus on North Rhine-Westphalia - to reduce the educational inequality that is being exacerbated by digitization. The modular school development program addresses school administrators and teachers and turns students into experts.
  • Children's Rights Schools: A right to education is one of many children's rights. Only if children and young people know their rights, they can claim them. This is especially relevant now. To this end, we offer a service for students and educational professionals.  
  • familY in the digitalized everyday life: especially now it is important to strengthen parents in their role as learning companions. To this end, we provide materials for parents and children and work with educational professionals.   

These and other EDUCATION Y programs work with a mix of digital and face-to-face offerings to empower parents, students, and educators - so that educational equality is not a foreign word.
Support us in strengthening children's rights, improving parental work, and improving the digital school day. Together we can reach even more children and young people!