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"Augenblick Mal!": A virtual reality experience for diversity trainings

Berlin, Germany

Bringing people together in the virtual world is our answer to the pandemic. Our diversity training idea is an innovative and entertaining way to understand different forms of discrimination and fight racism with the help of refugees and migrants.

Julia Halm from BrückenBauen gUG
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BrückenBauen gUG, as a social enterprise, has been organising intercultural workshops for newcomers and for locals since 2016. Because of Covid-19, a lot of our presence events could not take place in 2020. As a result, we came up with the idea to bring people together virtually and offer a specifically designed diversity training, together with our  culture moderators. These culture moderators are refugees and migrants that have been living in Germany for some time and have been previously interculturally trained by BrückenBauen gUG. 

The diversity training is performed with Virtual-Reality glasses and allows the user to virtually experience different scenarios of racism/discrimination. After that, the situations are analysed in another virtual room with the guidance of the culture moderator, who is sharing their perspective and experiences in Germany. In that way, discrimination and unconscious bias are understood, tolerance is promoted and the value of diversity is made clear. An experience for both young and old!

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