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Help for the animals in the Feucht animal shelter

A project from Tierheim Feucht
in Feucht, Germany

Help us to finance the construction and furnishing of a small animal house for our animal shelter in Feucht, so that Franzl, Hopsi, Shiva and Hörnchen, as well as all other small animal residents, can be cared for in a species-appropriate manner.

Sarah Schöngarth
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About this project

Franzl, Hopsi, Shiva and Hörnchen are just a few of the residents of our animal shelter in Feucht. All of them are currently living in a very confined space together with rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds and other abandoned or surrendered small animals.
At the moment, there is not enough space to accommodate the up to 80 animals in a species-appropriate way, to prepare food, or to care for sick animals. Due to lack of space, office rooms have already been converted to accommodate a disbanded canary hatchery, and newly moved-in rabbits have been housed in the cat station for quarantine.
Things cannot go on this way. A solution had to be found as soon as possible!
In order to improve the tense situation for the animals and our employees as well as volunteers, in spring 2020 we started building a new small animal house on a free meadow of the animal shelter Feucht. In order to build this in a species-appropriate manner and to adapt it to the existing building regulations, a proud sum of € 1.1 million in total is required. Much more than our non-profit association can currently afford through its reserves, subsidies, or membership fees.
Therefore, we are acutely dependent on donations and help from outside.
In our new small animal house, a wide variety of species, which are grouped together under "small animals", will be housed in a species and animal welfare friendly manner until they are placed in the animal shelter. The small animal house will have a separate quarantine station and an infirmary where animals with unclear health conditions and sick animals can be kept separate from the others. In addition, diurnal and nocturnal animals will be housed separately so that they do not constantly disturb each other's sleep-wake rhythms. In addition, predators are to be spatially separated by walls in the new small animal house.
With your help, we hope to be able to complete this mammoth of a project and provide the animals with better and more species-appropriate accommodation in our shelter.
Thank you very much in the name of our animals and the whole team from the animal shelter in Feucht!

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