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Friends4Future e.V. - Outplaying the Climate Change

A project from Friends4Future e.V.
in Berlin , Germany

Friends4Future e.V. develops games and formats that help to meet the greatest challenge of our time: CLIMATE CHANGE. In order to make the formats freely available to as many people as possible, we need financial support.

Annekaryn Ranné
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About this project

We founded the non-profit association friends4future to help all people who would like to accept their responsibility regarding the topic of CLIMATE CHANGE to take the next steps in the right direction. To this end, we develop workshops, games and formats that take a hopeful, creative view of the topic and help us get started.

We have developed a KLIMAKOFFER with which you can playfully approach the topic of climate change with family and friends. The KLIMAKOFFER is a collection of games that can be combined or played individually. This includes, among other things:

PROJECT FUTURE - On the island, steady, go!
• Board game for 2-10 players aged 12 to 85 years
• Playing time approx. 95 minutes.
Together you approach the topic of climate change during a game evening, exchange ideas, learn new things and give each other help and feedback. In the course of the game everyone develops their own personal, very specific, climate project with the help of the group. And then it's time to save the world!

• 56 conversation cards
• For one to 10 players aged 12 to 85 years
• Variable playing time
For those who are desperate or depressed about climate change, this collection of cards is an invitation to start a conversation. Be it with others or with yourself.

We want to have 500 KLIMAKOFFER printed - as a 'classic' game box in A3 format, with a game plan and playing cards. The game will then be distributed free of charge through our website.

Specifically, we need financial support for:
1) printing of the game 
2) the distribution of the game to non-profit organizations (shipping material and costs)