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BuddhiRefuge - Refuge for girls and women in Thailand

Rayong, Thailand

BuddhiRefuge - Refuge for girls and women in Thailand

Rayong, Thailand

BuddhiRefuge helps to create a safe place for traumatised women and children in Thailand where they can thrive. With your donation you help the Buddhist nuns at Rayong Monastery to achieve this goal.

Saskia Graf from Buddha-Stiftung | 
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About this project

The challenge: To create a safe place where prosperity is possible.
Especially women and girls from poorer families, who have no chance of education, are often victims of human trafficking, prostitution and violence in Thailand.

Protection in a nunnery
Women and girls find this protection in Rayong in Thailand, not far from Pattaya, led by the Buddhist nuns (Bhikkhunis) Dr. Lee and Rattanavali.
With your donation you help the women and children to
  • Stay in a safe place
  • Get education
  • Get medical care
Donate what helps best
Through the personal contact of the Buddha-Foundation with the head of Bhikkhuni Monastery Dr. Lee, we always know what is currently needed for the BuddhiRefuge project.
A protective fence for a safe centre
The most urgent need at present is for a stable protective fence for the shelters (cutis). The cutis do not have separate toilets. The women, who are often severely traumatised by experiences of violence, are afraid of being raped or kidnapped on their way to the toilet at night.

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Updated at 24. November 2020