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Support families against homelessness and hunger in lockdown

A project from DANDELION gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
in Santa Maria Bulacan, Philippines

Give hope - for example, by paying the rental costs for a family that has to live in lockdown with no income. Or the energy bills ... or the diapers and baby food ... or the daily meals. #homeofficeischeaperthantravelling

Ute Ranft
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About this project

Germany experiences a second lockdown in November 2020.
There are countries that have not come out of lockdown since March 2020 - for example the Philippines.
One of the most beautiful and the poorest countries in Asia. The official unemployment rate has risen to almost 50% - unofficially, there will be far more people who have had to live without work and income since March 2020.
Many, but of course not all families have family members who work abroad and can support their Filipino family.
Everyone else has been fighting for survival for 7 months.
7 months without income - that also means
7 months without rent payment =
   experienced or threatened homelessness
7 months without payment of energy costs =
   no electricity, no fresh water, no internet
7 months with no financial reserves =
   no medication, no health / health care
7 months in which hopelessness, depression and anxiety spread.

We need you and your help to continue to set an example against hopelessness, hunger and poverty.
We need you and your help so that children can remain children and protected even in these situations.
We need you and your help - together we can give hope and save lives.
Help a family during this time
- to pay the monthly rent to NOT become HOMELESS.
- to be able to pay the monthly energy costs.
- to cover the monthly costs for diapers and / or baby food.
- to fill the plates for the whole family at least once a day.
Our video report shows the family of Cess with their two children.
Thanks to our on-site staff, we were able to establish contact with other families who urgently need help and hope to survive these tough times.
The donations received will be passed on 100% according to the purpose.
If you would like to have a personal contact with the family you supports, please contact us by email. We can provide an email box, internet on site and a translator.
Thank you on behalf of all Filipino families involved.