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Bayerische Philharmonie - crucial experiences in music for young people

A project from Bayerische Philharmonie
in München, Germany

The mission of Bayerische Philharmonie contains the self-commitment to enable all people to access the revolving power of music - especially for disadvantaged children and teenagers.

Petra Oppermann
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About this project

Bayerische Philharmonie - for children and teenagers

For more than 26 years, the Bayerische Philharmonie pursues its concern to rouse joy in classical music and to inspire young musicians. The pedagogical work is set in its statute and is reflected in the age structure of the ensembles. The pyramidal composition of choirs and orchestras enables intergenerational music-making.

The intergenerational masterplan is subsidized by the principle of »top-down-coaching«. The symphonic knowledge of Bayerische Philharmonie gets passed on from professional musicians to music students, from students to teenagers, from teenagers to children. Young musicians experience great pieces of  the symphonic cheuvre with music students and professional musicians by compiling and performing these pieces together. At the same time, the pedagogical procurement fosters social skills and communication of young musicians, whereof both sides benefit.

A fundamental stand of the music-pedagogical work are concerts in kindergardens and schools: children make music for children, teenagers for teenagers. These music-workshops take place in schools, musicschools, waldorf schools and cultural centres or churches. The Bayerische Philharmonie refers to a long tradition and experience in pedagogical musicprojects and it is due to great personal commitment of all musicians, that creative and emotional education, cheerfulness and passion for classical music is enabled for all children and teenagers.