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Nature Conservation and safeguarding of threatend specie - the Elephants!

Chyulu Hills, Kenya

We support wildlife conservatition projects in Kenya to help save endangered species - especially elephants. Please donate and find out about these projects on Instagram @capricornfoundation.

Tatjana G. from Capricorn Foundation
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Together with our partner organizations in Kenya (Big Life Foundation  and Save the Elephants Foundation), we support conservation efforts to protect ecosystems and it's wildlife that is now threatened with extinction (according to the IUCN updated red list 21.03.21).

According to  the wwf: "Two of the big losers on the current Red List are the African Forest Elephant and the African Savannah Elephant. The  forest elephant, which was listed for the first time as its own species and independently evaluated, is therefore "threatened with extinction". Many of the pachyderms have been the victims of poaching, especially since 2008, but the loss and fragmentation of their habitats is increasingly causing problems. Moreover, as humans increasingly spread in the animals habitats, they come into conflict with the these large herbivores, with often fatal outcomes for humans or elephants. Some stable or even growing populations prove that long-term, integrative conservation measures are however showing success."

The organizations we support are pursuing long-term conservation activities and have thus been able to ensure that  no  elephants have died from poaching in the resepctive ecosystems. However, this requires enormous efforts, which are constantly increasing, especially during the Corona pandemic. Many local people have lost their jobs due to the lack of tourism and many are forced to make a living and feed their families through poaching (giraffes, antelopes and smaller species of animals).
Help us through your donation to give local organizations the means and opportunities to protect these unique ecosystems and their wild animals. At the forefront are the wildlife rangers, who risk their lives every day to provide safety for both the animals and the people in these areas. Without these brave, committed women and men, many animal species would already have become extinct!
 Your donation will reach out! You can track all current activities and projects via our  continuously updated Instagram account @capricornfoundation.