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Common house for the children's home Maua Villa in Kenya

Kivingoni, Kenya

All people involved in Pamoja Africa e. V. work on voluntary basis. Thus your donation will arrive 100% at the place where it belongs to: the children's home Maua Villa.

Anja K. from Pamoja Africa e.V.
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We are Pamoja Africa e.V, a non profit organization founded in 2014 supporting the children's home Maua Villa among other things in developing its own infrastructure in order to give destitute children of Kivingoni (Kenya) a loving life and a hopeful perspective for the future.

We have achieved a lot in the past six years. Thanks to our supporters we were able to finance a solar-powered well, build five houses, create a permaculture garden and since last year we even have solar power.

Our goal is that the children's home will be able to finance and develop itself in the long run. To make this possible, we are helping to build up the infrastructure and train the employees so that they can manage the children's home sustainably on their own, independent of aid payments.

The Maua Villa Family now has a total of 16 children and five adults who live permanently in Maua Villa. The kitchen, built in 2015, with the adjacent 17 m² common room has become quite cozy in the meantime. Therefore we are currently in the planning stage for a community house, which should offer enough space for the 30 children planned for the long term. In the house the children should have enough space to do their schoolwork, eat together with our team but also have room for activities like dancing, theater, workshops for the community etc. We are very grateful for the voluntary support of Bea and Alan, the architect couple who have already planned the girls' house, which was built in 2019.
We currently estimate the total costs at about 16.000 Euro, of which we have already collected 1.800€. As soon as the second design phase is completed, probably in February 2021, we will be able to provide more detailed information regarding the final budget. Provided we have raised the necessary funds and corona regulations allow, construction is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2021.

Together we want to create self-determined living- and learning spaces in Maua Villa, as well as for more people in Kenya in the future. Pamoja Africa is the offspring of a long-term social and ecological project based on partnership working and knowledge exchange between everyone involved.