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Variety detectives -in search of old vegetable varieties

A project from Genbänkle e.V.
in Nürtingen, Germany

A huge number of old varieties have been lost or are currently threatened with extinction in the last few decades. With our variety detectives campaign, we want to track down some of these varieties again, preserve them and bring them into the garden

Patrick Kaiser
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In the last few decades, an enormous number of cultivated plant varieties have been lost or are threatened with extinction in the near future - often without us knowing what we are losing. This includes especially old regional vegetable and field crops, which is why we want to track down at least some of these garden treasures with our variety detectives campaign, preserve them and bring them back into circulation. Help us to preserve the variety of vegetables and to find lost varieties.
In addition to a variety in appearance and taste, old varieties are also the starting point for the further development of cultivated plants. Thus, these represent the basis for the nutrition of an ever-growing human race.
 The Genbänkle e.V. association has therefore set itself the goal of listing, networking and making visible initiatives and organizations on the subject of "old and rare vegetables" in Baden-Württemberg. In this way you can find out where old or rare vegetables are grown or where their seeds are available. Additionaly, more access to regional seeds and their exchange should be created and old or lost varieties should be tracked down and made usable again.
If you are interested in looking for historical regional varieties, you can also become an active variety saver yourself!
Do you or someone in your circle of friends have old varieties in your garden, do you remember special names of varieties or their stories from the past, do you feel like looking for old varieties? Then become a variety detective and by filling out this profile you can help to find some of the lost vegetable varieties or their stories!
Alternatively, you can use your donation to make our work on variety search and research possible. Thank you for your support in maintaining the diversity of cultivated plants.

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