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Digital Jubilee 2020

A project from Kreisblasorchester Ostallgäu e.V.
in Marktoberdorf, Germany

"Digitial Jubilee 2020" - 20 years KREISBLASORCHESTER OSTALLGÄU For our video project as well as our delayed "Live Jubilee" in 2021, we need your support!

M. Dreher
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Our orchestra was founded in 2000 – consisting of around 70 musicians from the rural district “Ostallgäu” between the cities Füssen and Buchloe – convinces not only by enthusiastic and ambitious musicians, but also by excellent results during the 4th and 5th competition for orchestras in Germany 2010 & 2014. 
In this way, we were able to get the title "Best Area Orchestra of Germany" twice in a row. 
For our 20th anniversary we had been able to win a world-famous solo trumpet player – Gábor Tarkövi. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic – we had to cancel the live concerts in 2020. 
Therefore, we would like to celebrate our anniversary at least in a digital framework and prepare everything for a live concert on October 30/31, 2021. 
To realise this "Digital Jubilee" as well as the project in 2021 certain expenses are necessary, which you would support with your donation!