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CO 2 Sensors

A project from Förderverein Diesterwegschule Frankfurt am Main
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Appeal for donations CO 2 sensors for the Diesterweg School

Diana Wasmer-Löbl
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About this project

Dear parents of the Diesterweg School,

for the winter time, some parents, together with the Förderverein Diesterwegschule have purchased 21 CO 2 sensors for the entire Diesterweg School.

Every class knows exactly when to ventilate in order to prevent corona viruses from spreading in the classroom. As soon as the air in the class gets worse, the traffic light turns red and the teachers can ventilate.

Scientists believe that this increases safety in classrooms drastically and the Hessian Ministry of Culture recommends its use.

Please contribute to the purchase with a donation!