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Primary School Khoja Mohammad Parsa

A project from Visions for Children e.V
in Kabul, Afghanistan

The building of the "Khoja Mohammad Parsa Primary School" is in a very poor condition. Together with local partners, we would like to restore the basic infrastructure of the school, such as well-equipped classrooms and new sanitary facilities.

Franziska Winterling
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About this project

The Khoja Mohammad Parsa primary school is located in one of the poorest districts of the Afghan capital of Kabul. About 350 girls and 250 boys aged 6-13 are registered at the school. The around 600 students come from economically weak and socially underprivileged families. Moreover, as in other parts of Kabul, child labor is part of everyday life in this district.

The school building and its latrines are in a desolate state and resemble ruins. Some rooms have already collapsed, so that the students had to be evacuated. As of now, the school has been empty for five years. The students are temporarily accommodated at a secondary school. In order to maintain classes for all students, classes are now held in three shifts instead of the usual two, which means that fewer lessons can be held for each shift.

After several visits to the Khoja Mohammad Parsa Primary School by our local colleagues and discussions with the principal, the teachers and some of the students, we came to the conclusion that the school urgently needs support. The students and teachers are tolerated rather than accepted at the neighboring school. Therefore, they urgently want to return to their own building. In addition, the own school is closer to the residential area of the students and teachers. Especially for the girls and the female teachers, the long way home after dark is associated with many dangers (assaults, harassment, etc.). In addition, the way to school includes the life-threatening crossing of a highway.

Measures - Your support is needed!

The plan is to restore the basic infrastructure of the school. Currently, the school's strongest needs are well-equipped classrooms and new sanitary facilities. Therefore, the core of the project is the construction of 12 classrooms, 4 offices, 6 toilets and a hand washing facility. For this construction work, a complete demolition and rebuilding of the school has been recommended by on-site engineers. At least six of the classrooms and the restroom facility with six individual stalls will be barrier-free.

Furthermore, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) workshops are planned for all students, teachers and employees of the school. They are intended to teach the use of water and the importance of hygiene in a playful manner. In addition, relevant virus prevention measures will be addressed in the workshops.

In order to improve the teaching conditions in the long run, we still need financial support!

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