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Closed Save the girl-child against sexual abuse

Mpigi District, Kampala City, Uganda

Raising HIV/AIDS awareness among vulnerable girl-child on Kammmengo Islands and Improve their incomes through piggery project.

Florence N. from Joint Efforts for Youth Uganda (JOY-Uganda)
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“In school” and “out of school” young people on Kammengo -Buyiga Islands face a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS Girls aged 14-18 year are lured into early sex by older men in exchange for money. Girls view older men as sources of material and financial support (school fees, clothes, good grades, jobs etc). This exposes them to HIV/AIDS. Yet, there are no regular channels where the youths especially those out of school can meet to share HIV/AIDS information, knowledge and experiences. Hence, taking precaution over sexual health remains in dilemma. Various children/youth surveys show that children/youth have inadequate parental support and guidance regarding sexual matters. This has further led the children/youth to indulge in negative habits such as: having sexual intercourse with maids, multiple sexual partnerships, drug abuse, prostitution, early marriages, and sexual violence on the girls. All these have continued to expose the children/youth to high risks of infection to HIV/AIDS and other sexually related diseases in the targeted fluid area. A baseline line survey carried out by JOY-Uganda (December 2010) discovered that 70% of the population on Buyiga Island, Kammengo have never tested for HIV/AIDS. Of the 30% who had tested, 40% were HIV positive which was far beyond the National prevalence rate of 6.7%.
“Save the girl-child against sexual abuse in Kammengo -Buyiga Island to say No to sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS” a preventive campaign to save vulnerable youth on remote Lake Victoria-aims at promoting awareness through provision of accurate HIV/AIDS information and start a piggery project to improve their incomes to influence behavior change and reduce HIV prevalence.
A team of two JOY-Uganda staff will run the project.
Project objectives;To promote HIV and AIDS awareness among in-and out-of school young people aged between 10-18 years;To support 10 out-of school girls engaged in sex for money to start piggery farm.
The following activities will be implemented in order to achieve the objectives above;
Project activities 1.1 Counseling and giving accurate information on HIV/AIDS.
2.1 Support 10 out-of school girls engaged in sex for money to start piggery project as income generating activity.