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Sponsorship program for the professional and personal integration of doctor

A project from brmi-Akademie für Heilberufe gGmbH
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

We arrange exhanges and meetings between volunteers (natives) and course participants (immigrants, refugee medical staff) in order to accompany their professional recognition and "arriving in their new home Germany".

Renate Scheffler-Konrat
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About this project

Sponsorship program for the professional and personal integration of doctors with foreign degrees

The brmi - Akademie für Heilberufe gGmbH has proven expertise in advising and professional integration of medical professionals with foreign degrees. With our teaching program, we prepare our participants intensively for the compulsory language and assesment skill tests.
The participants in our classes are mostly refugees, people who came here via family reunification or those, who for various reasons, cannot or do not want to stay in their home countries (state reprisals, economic pressure, lack of educational prospects, etc.). They come from countries like Afghanistan, Brazil, China, India, Iran, Kosovo, Ukraine, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey etc.

The willingness of our participants to integrate professionally and personally is high, but we regularly experience that the real opportunities to do so are limited. That is why the brmi-Akademie has trained volunteers, who meet the medical professionals  once a week for a "personal exchange of experiences" (social integration into community). 

The feedback from those involved is very positive:
- the program enables the participants to have more intensive contact with German native speakers for the first time and helps them to gain new experiences,
- conversations and activities help to orientate oneself better and faster in the new home and to settle in,
- the professionally and life-experienced volunteers are sometimes also helpful in dealing with authorities and in assistig at looking for jobs,
- through the support and encouragement of the volunteers, the participants are motivated to cope better with the exhausting path to professional recognition in Germany.

The current pandemic situation has also contributed to financial bottlenecks in our non-prift organization, so that the volunteer program we offer is at risk. Therefore, financial support, donations would be helpful to continue the project, for:
1. events and personal meetings between the volunteer and the participant of the course,
2. compensation for expenses incurred, for excursions and visits,
3. purchase and lend of laptops to volunteers and participants to enable "electronic communication" (zoom, skype, eMail). Currently the meetings between the volunteers and the participants are taking place online. Not all of our volunteers and course participants have the appropriate hardware or have the means to buy it.