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School Project: Shree Sudarshan Basic School, District Gorkha

A project from Nepalmed Stiftung
in Shree Sudarshan lower secondary school, Palungtar, Nepal

A warm meal for pupils of the closed Shree Sudarshan Primary School.

Ole Hensel
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About this project

Shree Sudarshan School is located in Gorkha district, near Amppipal Hospital. In this area mainly less well-off families live. Sudarshan School is a public school which until recently received no external support.

The earthquake in spring 2015 completely destroyed the school buildings: classes were continued in tents. At that time, Nepalmed e.V. already supported the school by distributing school uniforms and Tiffin-Boxes. The reconstruction of the school buildings (the classrooms) was financed and carried out by the Gorkha Foundation. The construction of toilets was done by Nepalmed. In spring 2018 we installed a "PAUL" water filter in the school. Since then none of the children had to stay away from school due to diarrhoea or similar. A school kitchen was also installed by Nepalmed e.v. at Sudarshan School in early 2019. This was done against the background that especially the children from poorer families have to travel the long way to school without breakfast and have only a very simple meal (if at all) available for the lunch break. The school kitchen made sure that the children could eat a reasonable meal at least once a day, which, according to the teachers, led to a significant improvement in attention in class, especially in the afternoon of the school day.

In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, the school was closed in spring 2020. Parents and students from poor villages in Nepal suffer particularly badly from the Covid-19 pandemic. The parents have lost their daily income due to the lockdown. There are so many parents who are unable to pay for meals with the money earned during the day. These families suffer very much. The children have lost their regular school class and the daily warm meal due to the school closure. An expensive education like e-learning is out of the question for these families. The children meet outside in their village and are taught by teachers. Currently, the Shree Sudarshan School is trying to teach the children in small groups with the help of highly committed teachers, while maintaining social distance. However, children go to school early in the morning with an empty stomach and spend a few hours with their teacher. Parents cannot pay for meals because of the lack of income for the family. 

With your donation a poor meal for the poor students of Shree Sudarshan Primary School will be organized. So the students can attend one of the unofficial village schools without any financial burden for the parents. Especially poor and young school children will benefit from your donation. Covid-19 has destroyed the previous lives of the school children.