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AfroPolitan Berlin

A project from Forum Brasil e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

AfroPolitan Berlin is a Black Community project launched in 2016, the main goal of which is to strengthen black people, people of the Afrodiaspora and the communities in which they live and work.

AfroPolitan Berlin
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About this project

With the principle that the greatest force lies in our community and the current project focuses. Community. Knowledge. Resilience AfroPolitan Berlin is now already in its sixth year. We aim to support Black people through our programme (including workshops, lectures, community meetings, discussion groups, seminars, cultural events, business coaching and more) to network, to develop knowledge, to liberate themselves from ascriptions of the dominant majority society or simply to have a good time. Our work focuses on the differences and complex realities of life within the Black communities.
The events and developments surrounding Covid19 have further exacerbated existing financial challenges. Lockdown and physical distancing have severely impacted our already tight financial situation, as we have hardly been able to generate any income in the project.

In view of ongoing and current anti-Black racism, racist violence, the current political climate and the global Black Lives Matter protests, the work of civil, racism-critical and empowering initiatives, as well as a strong black civil society, is more relevant than ever. This requires stable structures and networks that not only require civil engagement but also permanent funding.

AfroPolitan Berlin would like to continue to contribute to strengthening these structures. We would like to continue working in a community-based, non-profit and as low-threshold way as possible in order to enable many people to participate in our project offers, continue to support black collectives and initiatives in the implementation of their projects and continue to enable and expand community spaces!
Due to the non-cost-covering funding, we are dependant on the generation of additional funds of over € 9,000 per year and urgently need support to achieve this goal in 2021. With this Call for Action we would like to ask you for a permanent or one-off donation to help ensure the survival of our project. No amount is too small, every euro is helpful!