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Förderverein Familienoffensive Hattersheim e.V.

Hattersheim, Germany

Equal opportunities arise in education & integration, which is why we start our work here and offer regular homework supervision and a language café with childcare. We also help quickly and unbureaucratically in emergency situations.

Eva Hamann from Förderverein Familienoffensive Hattersheim e.V.
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The Förderverein Familienoffensive Hattersheim e.V. supports and promotes children from educationally or socially disadvantaged families in Hattersheim. This includes both regular projects such as homework supervision and a language café for women with integrated professional childcare as well as targeted support for families in emergency situations, such as financing social education workers, childcare fees or even the quick purchase of a school bag. In addition, every year a Christmas campaign is organized to fulfill the Christmas wishes of over 200 children.