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ProBuddies! - Workshops on professional skills and mentoring

A project from SINGA Deutschland gUG
in Berlin, Germany

ProBuddies! brings together young newcomers in Berlin with locals and offers training opportunities for orientation, career entry and personal development.

Fabian T.
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About this project

Support our work with young people with a refugee background

What is needed:
With your donation you support the implementation of the project "ProBuddies!" to help newly arrived young people in Berlin.

With the money we finance:
- cool rooms where everyone is inspired to be creative
- Communication measures that cause great curiosity
- Workshops that uncover talents and interests and get the best out of the participants!
- Teambuilding

About the project:  
The mission of the "ProBuddies!" project is to bring newly arrived young people together with locals in Berlin and to offer further education opportunities for professional orientation and career entry.
At the same time we promote the mentors' awareness of the situation of newly arrived young people and expand their leadership and communication skills beyond their own context.

Together with the target group, we developed a two-month training program in the form of 10 modules on the following topics

-Personal development
-Core competencies for the application process
-Overview of opportunities on the job market
-Expansion of professional vocabulary

Additionally the participants are accompanied on their journey by mentors. Local mentors thus gain valuable insights into different life realities.

In the years 2016-2017 we ran a similar program and have had very good experiences with this format:
“SINGA is the friend that every newcomer needs. Through SINGA I got to know the new society better. The mentoring program has enabled me to enter working life. Thank you SINGA for being here”. Firas Fattal Mentee, 3. Mentoring Cycle

This project will be carried out in cooperation with the German welfare organization Malteser Werke (
Your donation supports us with this project to do our best for an open society! 

Many thanks!

The SINGA Team