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Daily meals for children in need in Huaycan during Covid19

Huaycan, Peru

Covid19 unfortunately is hitting the least fortunate ones the worst, which leaves many children and their parents hungry. This is why converted our educational center in Huaycan (Peru) into a soup kitchen to provide free food to children in need

Sven Petrich from Jayma Kunan e.V. | 
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About this project

We built an educational center in Huaycan, one of the poorest regions in Peru. However, Covid19 unfortunately is hitting the least fortunate ones in our society the worst, which leaves many children and their parents hungry.

Situation during Covid19
This is why we have already converted one of the classrooms into a kitchen where a cook prepares free meals for children and their parents of the community around the school every day. Within 3 days we already have 25-30 kids daily visiting us and we are hoping to convert an additional classroom very soon to support more people.

Costs of the daily meals
It is very astonishing to see what huge impacts have relatively small amounts of money. To provide the daily meals to 25-30 children, we expect the monthly costs to be around the EUR 300 mark. So literally every single Euro counts! Of course we are planning to increase our penetration and cater a larger group of children.

Organization of the food distribution
Every 3 - 5 days, a delivery service arrives with fresh ingredients from a local market. That way we hope to minimize the infection risk of our helpers on site. Of course, everybody involved in the kitchen adheres to strict hygiene standards. Kids

Additional help provided
It is currently winter in Peru and many kids do not have proper clothes (see pictures) which is why we are also organizing a delivery of appropriate clothing, covers, etc.

Updated at 14. September 2020