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Against child povery in Germany: A healthy breakfast for kids in need

A project from Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.
in Hamburg, München, Straubing, Hannover, Frankfurt, Germany

Kids need a healthy start into the day - also during COVID-19: Every morning, before school, we supply our Frühstücksklub-Kids from socially deprived areas with a freshly packed meal box - containing a healthy breakfast with fresh fruit & vegetables.

P. Windisch de Lates
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About this project

Germany is a rich country, but many of its kids are not: Every fifth child sets off to school hungrily, with an empty stomach. A lack of concentration, fatigue, a deficit in scholar performance as well as simply pure hunger during school hours are the sad result.

For this reason we started our project „Frühstücksklub“ (Breakfast club) in 2007. The concept behind it is: Socially deprived children get a healthy and varied breakfast – in the rooms of their school, before their school day starts. During their morning school break the kids may eat whatever is left over from the extensive daily buffet.

Our Frühstücksklubs are located in Hamburg, Munich, Straubing, Hannover and Frankfurt. Every year we distribute around 40.000 breakfasts to children in need.

Because of COVID-19 however, during this school year, breakfast will be different: The kids have to keep a distance. They may not eat eat the table with their friends. They can’t just walk up to the buffet and pick all they want.

Despite the current restrictions we want to make sure, that the children still get their daily breakfast. The circumstances of implementation, however, are different and much more complicated: Now we provide the kids with a freshly packed meal box, filled with a healthy breakfast, rich in vitamins, fruit and vegetable.

For our helpers this means a tremendous rise in time and effort, that clearly shows in the costs: So far one breakfast for one child from our rich and varied buffet was around 1,50 Euros. Now the costs have climbed up to 2 Euros for one breakfast for one child!

We give our very best to ensure the kids‘ breakfast – despite the way more difficult circumstances: Especially children in need are already in danger of being disadvantaged. 

We ask for your kind support, so that we can meet this challenge together successfully: We want to make sure, that our nationwide Frühstücksklub-Kids can continue to start their school day with lots of energy and concentration. That they can start their day with the healthy breakfast every child deserves. Thank you.