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Leukemia child patients in St. Peterburg

A project from Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.
in St. Petersburg, Russia

In order to recover, children who suffer from cancer need high-quality medication as well as fresh fruit & vegetable. Both is unaffordable to most Russians. Help leukemia child patients in St. Petersburg get high-quality medication and healthy food.

P. Windisch de Lates
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About this project

Basic medical care is free in Russia. But whoever wants medication on Western standards has to pay for it. Only a fraction of the population is able to afford this.

Many Russians have no choice but to rely on cheapest medicines with highly harmful side effects. Please, help us help:

Since 30 years we support medical treatment for children, who fall sick with leukemia, in St. Petersburg: We also provide the ward of the so called „Hospital No. 1“ with fresh fruit and vegetable. The latter is a highly scarce good – but absolutely crucial for the recovery of cancer-stricken children.

When a child falls sick with leukemia, it’s hard for the parents – no matter, where in the world. The number of leukemia in Russia is high: To this date children still get cancer, mostly leukemia, because of the effects of nuclear contamination. 

Currently, in contaminated areas around Chernobyl, ca. 500.00 children and young people suffer from leukemia.

Many of them die – not because of the illness itself, but because they weren’t treated adequately, with good, strong medication. 

For comparison: 80-90 % of all children cancer patients in Germany survive. In Eastern Europe the survival rate is around 30-40 %. For this reason we provide the hospital with high-quality medication. It makes a huge difference in the success of cancer therapy.

St. Petersburg is a medical centre in Russia. Kids from all parts of the country receive their cancer treatment here. By far not all Russian hospitals have the capacity to treat cancer properly. 

Especially with cancer the aftercare plays a crucial role: A healthy diet strengthens the weakened children on their stony road to recovery. 

Chemotherapy changes the kids‘ taste buds. They suffer from poor appetite, feel sick. Plus, Russian hospital kitchen is uneatable and lacks fresh fruit and vegetable

Vitamins are crucial for a fast recovery of cancer-stricken children, but also very expensive: By far not all parents can afford to buy them.
For this reason we have been financing high-quality medication, medical devices as well as fresh fruit and vegetable to „hospital No. 1“ in the last 30 years.
Many years ago, through the help of donations, we were even able to build a functional but proper kitchen in the hospital:

Now the mothers are able to cook healthy meals for their cancer-stricken child – and thereby provide them with energy and strength – and contribute to the success of the treatment. 
Please support us, donate for good medication and fresh fruit & vegetable – for the best possible chance on survival

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