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Card action: give courage in the crisis

A project from Schwere(s)Los! e.V.
in Freiburg, Germany

The postcard campaign wants to encourage people to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the crisis, invite them to think about it and perhaps put a smile on their faces. Help us to give the cards to as many people as possible!

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About this project

With the Corona cards "Imagine there is covid-19 and nobody is afraid " the action began more than a year ago. The situation has worsened since then. Our society is divided, fears are stirred up in all directions, inalienable basic and human rights are openly questioned.

This crisis reveals what (not only) goes wrong in our society and at the same time it offers the chance to set the course for a more dignified life for humans, animals and nature. Life has many faces and different needs and needs many perspectives to do it justice!

The motif "Tree of Life" asks the question: How do you want to live? What constitutes a life worth living for you?

The card "Human Rights" wants to remind us that there is and must be no justification for discrimination, violence, exclusion and other human rights violations. Every human being counts. 

Billions of people around the world are suffering the consequences of these and other crises. Their existence is not only threatened economically, but also social, cultural and political coexistence, among many other things, is deprived of a breeding ground. The psychological strain drives many into depression and despair. These warning signals are clear signs that we have to think and act fundamentally different, because we need something different!

At the same time, one can find ideas and concepts in many niches that want to shape (human) life on this planet in a dignified way, without damaging the earth and its diverse inhabitants, but on the contrary, strengthening them. Everything is already there! Everyone is important and can contribute in their own way!

On my way I came across the texts of Charles Eisenstein and found his view so touching, inspiring and strengthening that I linked his book title with a "longing motif" of mine and this now goes into print as the 6th Encouragement Card: "The more beautiful world our heart knows is possible."

All  motifs (see gallery below) will continue to be sent and distributed free of charge. The response to the cards has been very positive. So far, over 25,000 cards have been distributed and given away.

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Donations make the campaign possible by covering the printing costs, but are not a prerequisite for receiving cards! 

Besides the German version, there is also an English version available. If you are interested, please write to