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#SOULIDARITY for African Musicians during COVID-19

A project from START WITH CULTURE gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)
in München, Germany

#SOULIDARITY is a campaign for musicians from the African continent who lost all their income due to COVID-19. With SOULIDARITY we make sure they can continue to make music. THE MUSIC MUST GO ON!

Stephanie Schumann
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About this project

The music must go on.
From March 2020, thousands of live events, concerts, and festivals have been canceled worldwide due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. #SOULIDARITY is a campaign specially designed for musicians from the African continent who had to put their careers on hold. It is uncertain by when African musicians will be able to tour again to make a living. Without any financial help, a heart-breaking number of mind-blowing talents will struggle to continue their craft. While artists are always the ambassadors for spreading messages in every crisis, it is now the time to spread the message together for the artists.

#SOULIDARITY is an initiative by START WITH CULTURE, a non-profit organization based in Germany. The aim is to raise a total of 620,000 Euros so that the affected African musicians can continue to work on their music. #SOULIDARITY offers the artists a platform to present themselves and their work and rewards their participation with a fee. The artists selected for the fund create content for the campaign and tell us their personal stories during the crisis. how the pandemic is affecting them and their countries and their creative work.
More info, music and the stories on  and Social Media:
By now 40 bands with 188 musicians have applied to join SOULIDARITY. Listen to their sounds on our #SOULIDARITY Playlist at SPOTIFY.

African music legends like Salif Keita, Paulo Flores and Daniel Hope already became ambassadors for #SOULIDARITY and will help to raise awareness for their fellow colleges and musicians. Major festivals like Africa Oyé Festival (UK), Afro-Pfingsten Festival (CH)  and Sauti Za Busara (TZ) confirmed already to support the campaign. 

The Goal:
  • To raise a minimum of 620.000 Euro through the #SOULIDARITY campaign.
  • To show solidarity for touring musicians living in Africa and to make sure that they can continue to make music.
  • To support the over 188 musicians who are stuck since March 2020.
You can also donate directly and transfer to our bank account:
START WITH CULTURE gUG ( haftungsbeschränkt)
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Stay safe and thank you so much!