Closed support vulnerable children in Uganda.

An aid project by “ARISE AND SHINE UGANDA” (S. Nyanjura) in Jinja, Uganda

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S. Nyanjura (Project Manager)

S. Nyanjura
AASU was founded by Nyanjura Sharon, who saw the need of helping people from her community and children with a background such as her own.
Many children are victimised especially girls and sent into marriage for dawery at the age of 15 or even below.This still happens in Kamuli district in Uganda.
Because of this, AASU is determined to provide basice needs for vulnerable children, build a school to give equal chances for boys and girl to education and also support adult community members so they can live a sustainable life.
The project is mostly run by volunteers and we reach out directly to over 100000 people through direct delievery our biggest challenge being lack of funding.If given the donations, AASU will be able to implement it's objective with the goal of sustainable community development.

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Location: Jinja, Uganda

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