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Funded Atemzeit e.V. - Support for visually impaired and seriously ill children

Wölfersheim, Germany

Educational support for visually impaired children to develop their senses with the help of a light box. Additional purchase of positioning aids, such as side sleeper pillows, for seriously ill children.

Leonie Schaeff from Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe Stiftung
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The time after a hospital stay is an extreme challenge for many seriously ill children and their families. The parents are often overburdened with the care of their offspring, the handling of the necessary technical aids and the emotionally difficult situation of the life-threatening disease. 

With Haus Atemzeit, a place was created that offers a transitional aid between the hospital and your own four walls - and time to adjust to the new circumstances. In a homely atmosphere, trained nursing staff, educators and therapists provide holistic care around the clock. Parents are also allowed to support their children on site and have the opportunity to take a deep breath. 

In order to reach visually impaired children via their senses on their individual communication level, Haus Atemzeit would like to provide a light box. A training equipment, which permits the small house inhabitants to feel and understand their environment with all senses. For seriously ill children the Atemzeit-team would also like to acquire positioning aids, and special cushions, to give the patients the most comfortable rest possible.

The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation has been supporting Haus Atemzeit for educational advancement and medical care since 2016 by equipping the rooms. You too can help and give the children and their families time to relax, learn and experience.