Funded Music helps poor students study harder

An aid project by “Stern des Südens e.V.” (L. Schwarz) in Porto Alegre, Brazil

L. Schwarz (Project Manager)

L. Schwarz
Supporting the social competence by Setting up Music classes at School`Èrico Verissimo.
Learning to Play an Instrument to learn to concentrate, playing in an Orchester and belonging to a Group, reducing potencial Aggression.
By playing Music the students spend time at School after classes and thus less time on the streets.

in 2007 our NGO set up and runs the first Music School at the school Aldo Locatelli which is called "Musicantando" and is a big sucess. Many children had never Held an Instrument before. Included in the Music classes are warm melas at School additional education.
This increases their ability to concentrate and improves their grades. Every year the state Rio Grande do Sul organizes a Music competition with 2000 partcipating children of which 25 receive a scholarship at the orchestra Sinfonica Porto Alegre (Ospa). Already four of our Music School have received a scholarhip.
The children would never have had this dream come true without our Support. Our NGO has 250 members and not only helps children in Porto Alegre/South Brazil at four Projects Schools, but also in the Rhine-Main area in Germany. Here we still Support the Project "social competence" at a School started in 2011. This is a Pilot Project and another School with set up this very sucessful Project.

Visit us at our Website: "Stern des Südens e. V."

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Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

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  • Verschiedenen Musikinstrumente konnten bereits durch Betterplace angeschaft werden.

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