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Closed Vocational School for vulnerable Youth

PDF-A is implementing four different vocational skills training in hairdressing, brick laying and concrete practice, tailoring, carpentry and joinery for vulnerable Youth and returned former LRA youth abductees to strenghen the reintegration process.

R. Okwera from Peace and Development Foundation - AfricaWrite a message

With many dimensions of conflict emerging amidst us always, there is need to plant seeds of non-violence and reconciliation in schools. Education programs are very vital for the region in order to achieve peace and strengthen the society. PDF-Africa has as its core component peace education both formal and institutions of learning through established structures like school clubs/forums and in informal sub-country to district level Reconciliation & Peace Teams. One special target group in the informal setting is the LRA Youth Returnees. The priority is to have a community based reintegration package consisting of three main milestones:
1. Psychotherapy
2. Non-violence training & orientation
3. Community-based vocational skills training and practice.
PDF-A implemented four different vocational skills training in hair dressing, brick laying and concrete practice, tailoring/design, carpentry and joinery.

In October 2011 the centre opened its doors to plant seeds of non-violence and reconciliation in Anaka. The pilot phase of the project, currently running at Anaka Vocational Skills Institute where 50 students are registered, gives them the chance to gain the necessary knowledge in tailoring/design, carpentry and joinery, hairdressing and brick laying/concrete practice. The trainings enable them to find a job or to be self employed since after the six month education program will be finished. Certificates are going to be handed over to the students that enable them to earn their livelihood in future.

The 3rd and last part of the project is limited until April 2012. Results of the mid-term evaluation after three months in December 2011 encourage the organisation to concretise the plans regarding the construction of a permanent Vocational Training Institute in Anaka since there is no other in the area. The aim of PDF-A is to offer a two years lasting training to the students to receive a certificate based on national examination.

The proposed home site of Anaka Vocational Training Institute is located near the temporary centre. As soon as fundraising will have been successful the construction process is going to start.

To grant the sustainability of the project the organisation plans that the project will pay for itself by embedding skilled persons into the construction.
Besides the products and goods produced in the sectors of tailoring and carpentry are going to be sold to enable funding of new material.
Additionally the District administrations of Nwoya have commended PDF-Africa and its partners for this timely course and recommended PDF-Africa to other Local and International NGOs for partnership.

Since it is very difficult to receive funds from local sources the organisation depends on support by international donators.

We are glad to answer further questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.