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Funded Menstrualhygiene for Lesvos

Bochum, Germany

We collect donations for menstrual products for women and girls on Lesvos.

Milla K. from Kulturfabrik Bochum e.V. | 
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About this project

Menstrualhygiene for Lesvos - a project of the Feminist Support Lesvos

In the refugee camp Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos inhuman conditions still prevail. Especially for women and adolescent girls, the inadequate hygiene infrastructure is an additional burden. With the donation campaign, we want to support menstruating people on site with menstrual products. 

Currently, around 14,000 people live in Camp Moria in a very confined space. Originally, this place was designed for less than 3,000 people. Since March 2020, a curfew has been imposed on the entire camp due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this curfew is still in place at the present time (as of September 2020). As a result, the people are practically cut off from the outside world, which is furtherly aggravating the already catastrophic living conditions, especially the inadequate health and hygiene care. For example, about 117 people have to share a toilet and shower permanently.

For menstruating persons, the inadequate hygienic conditions can lead to serious infections and other health problems. In addition, they negatively influence the feeling of security, dignity and mobility. The undersupply of period products in the camp should not force menstruating people to choose between buying food or necessary hygiene items. Besides the right to clean drinking water, sanitation is also a recognized human right. Where state aid is not sufficient, NGOs take over the empty space.

Feminist Support Lesvos is an emancipatory, anti-fascist and feminist collective that declares its solidarity with the women who fled their countries. With our action we would like to contribute to making the handling of menstruation in precarious life situations a bit more dignified. The focus of our support work lies in collecting money and donations in kind, the latter explicitly and exclusively in the form of disposable sanitary towels*. 
The coordination of the procurement and distribution of relief aid is done in close cooperation with local initiatives from Lesbos.

*The local helpers reserve the right to use the donations for other acutely necessary products, which support women and families in their own and mutual care (diapers, baby food, other hygiene products, etc.). 

We are happy about your support! 

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Feminist Support Lesvos
Updated at 22. January 2021