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Wildlife Rescue in Vietnam

A project from Wildlife Action Group International e.V.
in Vietnam

Vietnams Wildlife is plundered every day. But small, dedicated groups and individuals try to rescue and savethe animals! Funding is needed for informants, animal keeping facilities, food and transport.

G. Kloeble
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About this project

Vietnam is known in the West for illegal trade of Ivory and Rhino Horn but little is know how much the wildlife is plundered every day. There is a flourishing trade of wild animals for restaurants or parts are sought for traditional medicine in Asia. Rare wild birds became status symbols.
WAGI is financially supporting brave under cover informants from villages but also Government Officers which do not agree with the plunder of wildlife and forests!
This funds are contributing towards animal rescue costs. Some of the confiscated animals are insured and mistreated and can not be released immediately and need care and veterinary treatment and often transportation to distant keeping facilities.
With this project we aim to:
- pay informants and their expenses
- setting up keeping facilities
- pay for transport and needed veterinary expenses
- provide food and care for the animals.