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Modernization of the clubhouse

A project from Ortsgruppe Gingen des Schwäbischen Albverein e.V.
in Gingen, Germany

Our clubhouse has neither fresh water nor sewage connections. That should now be different. This is the only way we can offer children and young people and the rest of the population a clubhouse that is prepared for the future.

Jochen Beißer
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About this project

The clubhouse of the Gingener Albverein group is getting on in years. The last major modernization was several years ago. Speak for a modernization:
 • No fresh water connection
 • Toilets with a "dump-toilet character"
 • Technical equipment of the hut
 • No possibility of making the hut available or renting it
 • Exterior ambience deserves a revision
 • No official parking spaces
Due to the new traffic routing of Grünenberger Straße, an accessory to the bypass, the Albvereinshütte can be easily reached by foot or by car, even at night, as new street lighting and a sidewalk are available. Recently, a new group of seats was set up halfway between the street and the hut. From there you have a wonderful view of Gingen and the Albtrauf.

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