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Rescue the dogs at Flori Shelter - help for new shelter construction needed

A project from Flori & Friends Animal Hope e.V. -Tierschutzverein
in Foltesti, Romania

Unser Verein betreut ein privates Shelter mit 250 Hunden in Rumänien. Wir müssen unter Zeitdruck mit allen Hunden ein neues Shelter für unsere Hunde bauen und dorthin umziehen. Wir haben keinerlei finanziellen Mittel für Material und Baumaßnahmen.

Luise Knierim
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About this project

Please save the dogs at Flori Shelter in Romania
Our dogs in Romania are facing NOTHING. We urgently need to move with all dogs to a new shelter and have no financial resources for materials and construction. The project "Flori & Friends Animal Hope" is a heart project in which people with great love for homeless Romanian dogs have come together. We are a non-profit association in foundation. We are concerned with emergency aid on the spot. We care for a private dog shelter in Galati, Romania, where about 250 dogs from killing stations and distressed street dogs have found refuge. Florentina Irimia (Flori), who runs the Shelter - and her team - cannot continue the project without the financial and organisational support of the association. For some dogs, the Shelter offers a "forever" home, because they are no longer available and are allowed to spend their last months in safety.
Every month the costs for the dogs have to be covered, of which 1500€ for food alone, 2,000 to 4,000 € veterinary costs depending on the case of illness. In addition, there are the costs of renting, workers, vaccinations, castrations for new arrivals, tick and flea protection. Stable huts, straw for winter and sun protection in summer are also needed and unforeseen costs are incurred again and again. Thanks to the tireless help of the godparents and many donations, the dogs have been cared for so far. Due to Corona, the amount of donations has now decreased significantly. Some dogs have already been brought to adoption. But many dogs are still waiting for a home.
Our shelter is old and decaying and we also need to leave it urgently as the property is needed elsewhere. Some of the dogs, the sick and old, are located in the house of Flori... but according to the police they are not allowed to stay there because the neighbor is always complaining about noise pollution...
We went on the search and found a very good property where the Romanian Sheltermama Flori can live and there is enough space for all dogs.  Contract for the house and the ground is signed .... the purchase amount, even if partly only borrowed, is for the time being together.
The next challenge is the construction of the Shelter, with an escape-proof fence, with Kennels that are a little more generous than before, outlet zones to increase the quality of life... with the great desire of the heart for a quarantine and infirmary... And then there is time pressure, because there is a very concrete threat of the confiscation of the dogs ... we are desperate.
The goal is set at 30,000€ as the first stage, which will not be enough for so many dogs. However, we have already started the construction of the Kennels, the first bills have arrived and have to be paid.

Each donation helps and is used exclusively for the animals.