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A project from ForTomorrow gGmbH
in Berlin, Germany

With ForTomorrow you can live carbon neutral today. Through a climate subscription or an individual donation ForTomorrow plants trees for you in Europe and takes emission rights from the market.

Ruth von Heusinger
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About this project

As a non-profit organization ForTomorrow enables you to live a climate-neutral life. The first step is to choose a climate subscription and thereby compensate your CO₂ emissions with direct climate protection in Europe. The compensation is achieved through two measures: On the one hand, we plant trees in Germany to remove the emitted CO₂ from the air, on the other hand, we buy emission rights from the big emitters in Europe (e.g. coal-fired power plants). This forces them to emit less CO₂. As a next step we will give you tips on how to reduce your CO₂ emissions. To limit global warming to 1.5°C, we need to reduce our CO₂ emissions to less than 1 tonne per person by 2040. More information: