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Funded Water Project For The Victims Of The Jigger Parasite

Adu, Kenya

Funded Water Project For The Victims Of The Jigger Parasite

Adu, Kenya

We want to give people who suffer from the jigger parasite access to water. We have already covered most of the project costs. Now the only thing missing is the money for the piping and commissioning of the well.

David Seidemann from Maisha Mapya e.V. | 
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About this project

In Adu, one of the driest areas in Kenya, the residents suffer from a parasite
called Jiggers. With this project we want to give these people access to clean
drinking water. This not only prevents the infestation by the parasite as well
as the disease and its consequential damage, but at the same time combats poverty
at its roots. In this remote region access to water means a general improvement
in living conditions and a boost for the local economy.

The children from Baraka Jembe Primary School, on whose premises the well is
to be installed, will benefit first. However, it will be a water point
accessible to the general public, so that all of the surrounding settlements
will benefit from it.

A hydrological and geophysical survey was carried out on site. The entire
investigation report can be viewed here: Hydrogeological / geophysical report
According to the report a drilling of a maximum of 230 meters must be made in order to reach the largest water-bearing layer. The well is then installed and operated using a submersible pump and diesel generator. Unfortunately, a mechanical hand pump does not work at this depth. However, since the government is currently expanding the power grids for rural schools, cost-saving operation is foreseeable. Until then, a low and affordable basic fee will be charged to the residents for the use of the source, so that diesel and maintenance can be sustainably covered.

As the initiator, Maisha Mapya e.V. is responsible for project coordination
and fund-raising. Dabaso Tujengande CBO takes on on-site networking and
project monitoring. The EU-REAG Engineering Company is commissioned to carry
out the project survey and the drilling. Village Drill will install the

We would like to have the well construction completed by the end of 2020 at
the latest.

We have already collected € 14,000 for the drilling. 7,000 € donations are
now needed for the construction and commissioning of the well. These include
piping, sealing, submersible pump, generator and costs for labor. A detailed
cost overview is available here: Cost overview for the project "Water for Adu".

You can read the entire history of the project since the beginning of 2019
on our website:

Updated at 12. August 2020