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Solar Power for Bacco Ndieme, Senegal

Bacco Ndieme, Senegal


Daniel Malvin Janesch from Africa GreenTec Help e.V. | 
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About this project

Our #connect2evolve team consists of the non-profit organization Africa GreenTec Help e.V., Africa GreenTec AG and committed employees of Siemens Energy. We are united in our goal to bring renewable, decentralized energy to the village of Bacco Ndieme, Senegal through this crowdfunding campaign and provide sustainable power to around 3,000 people. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020.
The non-profit organization Africa GreenTec Help e.V. stands for electricity, education, and self-determination and is, therefore, one hundred percent in line with the #connect2evolve project. A reliable power supply, good education for all, and medical care for people are the basic requirements for a self-sufficient and sustainable life.
Africa GreenTec's mission is to empower people to achieve more self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions. Their portfolio of integrated solutions includes not only the provision of the necessary hardware but also project development that is directly geared to the needs of the community of Bacco Ndieme.
The dedicated employees of Siemens Energy are united by the desire to combine digitization with impact.
The COVID-19 crisis has led to major uncertainties. Together, we all experience a drastic change in our otherwise self-sufficient and free lives. However, the COVID-19 crisis poses a far greater challenge for communities like Bacco Ndieme. In addition to this crisis there are infrastructural problems such as lack of access to electricity, sanitation, water, and food. Given the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus, these problems are even more devastating.
The project scope includes the implementation of a Solartainer® including a storage battery, the construction of a mini-grid, and the installation of smart meters. The entire infrastructure will be handed over to the village and managed by a local cooperative. The villagers of Bacco Ndieme pay the local electricity price, which is used to operate and maintain the system. In addition to the households, the main consumers are the local school, a health station, and micro-enterprises.
With this € 25,000 donation campaign, 200 smart meters will be installed in the households, which will record the specific electricity consumption for billing. This allows the flow of electricity to be evaluated and controlled. The smart meters used in Bacco Ndieme are very small, light and robust and are therefore perfectly suited for installation in Senegal.
Electricity is not only important for daily life, but also for accelerating the growth of the local economy. Local agriculture will benefit from the potential cooling of crops, as will the local health center by beeing able to cool medications. Schoolchildren will benefit from electricity at home by being able to study after dark. While most cannot travel to Africa to make a difference in people's lives, your donation, can have the impact you desire by helping others connect and evolve.