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Support for the children of the care home Makungu Waweru (Kenya)

A project from Students for Amani e.V.
in Nakuru, Kenya

Make a small contribution for children in need, who would otherwise be completely on their own in the context of their school education. We need you! Become a part of this charitable project and create educational opportunities!

Anissa A.
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About this project

Already in 2019 we have decided to found the association "Students for Amani" with the aim to support disadvantaged children, teenagers and adolescents. The main focus of our work is to finance the education of seven children, as well as other school-related services. We work closely together with Makungu e.V., Therese-Giehse-Allee 9, 81739 Munich, to achieve this goal through careful and prudent planning.

It is especially important to us that the children can develop freely according to our motto "Amani" (swahili; to German "Gelassenheit"). We want to make sure that our supported children do not have to worry about what tomorrow will bring, or whether they will be able to continue to go to school in a year's time.

In the context of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the children once again face an uncertain future. While people in Germany are asking themselves when school will continue, these young adolescents have to ask existential questions about how to shape their future. Please support the children in this, because a small donation from you means the whole world for these children. 

Now it is exactly our aim to continue to be there for the children who would otherwise be completely on their own within the framework of their school education. For this we need you! Become a part of this charitable project and help those whose lives are hardest hit by the effects of the Corona crisis! Until September 31st, 2020, it will be difficult for us to effectively organize events due to national and European restrictions, which will result in a considerable loss of funding.

The association does not make any profits and serves only the welfare of the children. We try to be as transparent as possible. If you would like to learn more about our project, please visit our social media channels and our website.

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