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Freifunk Berlin at Haus-der-Statistik

A project from b2social e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Since June 2020, Freifunk Berlin stays at its own room at Haus-der-Statistik at Alexanderplatz. This Campaign supports the community in covering their rooms expenses.

Andre Schaal
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About this project

Since many years, Freifunk Berlin held its weekly meetings every Wednesday evening at c-base. We have enjoied and still enjoy staying there occassionally, but c-base had for us some drawbacks:

  • There is little space for workshops and soldering works
  • We have had only very little space for storing Freifunk-Hardware
  • Mostly, the c-base opens in the late evening, so we had to hold our meetings lately
To remidate those drawbacks, we looked for a new space and found it at Haus der Statistik.

Since June 2020 our new Freifunk room resides at the Haus-der-Statistik at Alexanderplatz. We share our room with the Berlin-based section of SearchWing.

In the new room we can hold meetings far more flexible, than it was possible at c-base. There is plenty space for soldering and there is much more space now for storage now.
Through the excellent location, directly at Alexanderplatz, people interested in Freifunk can reach us more easily.

This campaign supports the Freifunk Berlin community at covering the expenses for the room and related stuff. You will find what they currently need under "Needs".